September 8, 2010

So You Want to Hire a Cleaning Service On Marco Island...

Housekeeping, Maid Service, Cleaning Service you name it, it is big business on Marco Island.

Marco Island is a popular vacation destination with many of the homes and condos rented out year round. There are also countless Luxury homes that don’t clean themselves!

For those that live on Marco Island, or anywhere, cleaning the house is the least favorite chores. In fact it ranks right up there with yard work here on Marco Island.

These functions are usually left to Professional Services that take care of these details for both those that live here and the owners of Vacation Homes on Marco Island.

For busy Marco Islanders, there is always the top of the fridge, behind the couch or the bathroom that gets neglected in your Marco Island Home. Busy schedules seem to get in the way of doing those housekeeping chores. . Fortunately for Marco Island homeowners that can afford to, they can always hire someone to come in and handle these incomplete tasks.

There are many reasons why you would want to a Marco Island Service, they include:

  • Cleaning your new Marco Island home before you move in
  • Monthly Cleaning to do all those items you never have time for
  • You are listing your Marco Island Home and want it to always look its best
  • You are a busy professional and your Marco Island home isn’t as clean as you wish

It isn’t enough to just decide to hire a professional to come into your home. You have to be serious about finding someone. With so many Marco Island Service Companies out there, you could easily be discouraged at finding the right person to do what you need on your Marco Island Home.

Hiring A Professional to Clean your Marco Island Home

  • Decide your need and requirements for your Marco Island home before you start the hiring process. Be clear in your needs and express them to prospective Service Companies.
  • Ask friends for referrals, but don’t be surprised when they are not so forth coming with choices for you.
  • Check out services in the Marco Island phone book and search the Internet for candidates to interview – Craigslist is an excellent resource.
  • Make sure that whoever you hire to clean your Marco Island home that they are bonded and insured.
  • Check three references before you interview in person. Check to see quality of their work, reliability and likability.
  • Interview the candidates in your Marco Island home needs cleaning. Ask them to point out areas that they feel need improvement. Ask them how they would do specific tasks. Make sure you are comfortable with their cleaning ideas.
  • Hire the most promising person or team for a trial period. Usually 4 or 5 cleanings you will know if they will work out. Understand that the first or second cleanings they need to get used to your Marco Island home along with preferences.

Here are some services we were able to find in the Marco Island area that you might want to check out. Sorry but to most this is a guarded secret. Ask around, you might be able to find others:

The Maids Home Service (239) 774-6243
2377 Linwood Avenue Suite 207 Naples FL 34104

See Thru Window Cleaning (239) 642-0318
1281 Jamaica Road Marco Island FL 34145

Molly Maid of Collier County (239) 353-6243
1100 6th Avenue South Suite 14 Naples FL 34102

Remember that once you hire a person or cleaning service; please be consistent if you want them to be so. Respect that they budget their time accordingly and a last minute cancellation or request can put strains on their schedule.

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