December 14, 2007

Hey Marco Island - Where's Martha Stewart When You need her?

I am a big fan of Martha Stewart. She always has a tip or two that I can use for my home. But some of the best house cleaning tips and tricks don't come from her. And surprise one of the best tips I have ever gotten about house keeping chore -- Came from Ace Hardware right here on Marco Island!

Marco Island Sunshine Ace Hardware
1720 San Marco Road Marco Island FL 34145
PHONE: (239) 642-7444
FAX: (239) 642-0732
MANAGER: Jim Chittick

Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday 7:30am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm

Back in January I decorated a home on Marco Island. In that process I have discovered something that changed the cleaning process for me -- something that makes life easier. It doesn't matter if you are living in one of the Beachfront Condos, a Luxury Home or your very first home. This product will work for everyone!

When I go to a home to photograph for a listing I will be taking Dirtex Cleaner by Savogran and coffee filters with me! Yes Coffee Filters! I used to keep Windex and paper towels, and thought I was really smart. I would have to use a lot of elbow grease to get the glass to shine and then I would have lint to deal with. There is an added bonus, it seems that the glass stays cleaner longer too!

Well my handy Ace Hardware shared a secret with me and I am a believer. And I am sharing this with you! This stuff is absolutely amazing and it works so easily. Coffee filters are lint free and perfect size for you to work with!

Now some coffee fans, might not agree with using their coffee filters for cleaning, but they are rather inexpensive. I apologize if I offend anyone...

This is an example of cheapest isn't always the best -- the stuff is almost twice the cost of Windex. That sometimes you spend a little more money but get better results.

Much like choosing your Marco Island Realtor...

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