November 12, 2007

Staging Tips for Your Marco Island Home

Is your Marco Island home for sale? After pricing your home correctly the next important thing to think about is how your Marco Island Home looks!

Marco Island is an Island Paradise in Collier County Florida that many want to call home. Have you taken the time to stage it to it's best advantage? In this Buyer's Market, you need to do everything possible to make your home the most appealing in your price point. There are many people out looking for Luxury Homes on Marco Island and they expect to see the best! Make sure that your Marco Island Realtor shows you your competition before you price your home.

Here are a few things that you can do that can do to ensure your Marco Island home is appealing:

Let's Talk Clutter.
  • Are countertops free and clear?
  • Are closets packed full? Empty out items, make them feel spacious.
  • Have you removed unnecessary furniture throughout the house?
  • Take down any religious items and family photos. You want potential Marco Island Buyers to project their stuff, not focus on how much the like/dislike yours.
  • Remove the art gallery and coupon collection from the refrigerator.


  • Are the surfaces clean and clear?
  • Place a pretty floral arrangement or basket of soaps in the room. Add a couple of candles. Think about luxurious spas -- evoke that feeling!
  • Are shower curtains and doors hung properly?
  • Is the flooring clean and fresh?
  • Are towels neatly hung? Are they new? If not, it might be a good idea to buy a set for display only.

Take a look at your walls.

  • Is paint and wallpaper fresh and clean?
  • Do you have family photos on the walls? Remove them. Less is more!
  • Are the walls free from holes?
  • Are there any colors or objects on the walls that need to be removed?
  • Make sure that there are no cobwebs in the corners.

Now look down and check the floors.

  • Is the carpet clean and free from stains?
  • Are hard surface floors clean and free from stains?
  • The Welcome Mat, make sure it is fresh, it is one of the first things people see when they enter a home, and Buyers will be at the front door for a moment or two while their agent opens the door.
  • Look in the corners -- are their any dust bunnies? If so remove them!

When was the last time you looked at your windows?

  • Are all the windows clean?
  • Are draperies and blinds clean?

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About Pets, Smokers and other Odor issues...

  • Are there any signs that this is a pet's home? Be sure to clean and remove kitty litter, pet toys and bedding.
  • During this time make sure your dog is bathed on a regular basis, it will help with the pet odor.
  • Make sure your pet is out of the house if at all possible during showings.
  • Try to air out the home prior to showings. Especially if you have a smoker in the house.
  • Air Fresheners can be offensive and they can aggrevate someone with allergies. Use them sparingly.

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Set the mood prior to showings.

  • Open draperies and blinds and let that Marco Island Sun shine in.
  • Turn on the radio to a classical music station, set the volume on low.
  • If you have time, cook a batch of cookies to have the warm, welcoming aroma permeating the home.
  • Perhaps next to the flyers, leave a pitcher of ice water or lemonade with glasses and a plate of cookies. Or leave a dish of hard candies. Searching for a home is a tiresome task, and such touches don't go unnoticed.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you stage your home successfully on Marco Island.

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