April 13, 2007

Marco Island | 10 Reasons to Visit Marco Island

Marco Island, Florida

Ten Best Things About Marco Island (totally my opinion -- others may disagree)

  1. You come over the bridge and your breath is taken away -- I have been dog sitting for a friend off the Island and it is amazing with the sun coming up and I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is. No matter if it is your first time or 100th time...
  2. Just minutes from Naples, there are Galleries and cultural offerings all of the time....
  3. White Sandy Beaches - the sugar sand here is the best I have ever experienced!
  4. Mackle Park with lots for everyone to do, with a great walking path, and Kid's Cove!
  5. The Esplanade - has a great gathering place where you can enjoy a breeze at the Star Bar
  6. The Snook Inn - where you can gather with your friends and "watch the dolphins play at the Tiki bar"
  7. Stan's on Sunday (ok this is on Goodland, but Stan has a song about Marco Island)
  8. You can't really get lost on an Island that is 4 miles by 6 miles!
  9. Where else can you watch Swamp Buggy Races ? Ok, off the Island but very much a local tradition at Florida Sports Park
  10. There is a wide variety of restaurants here on the Island to satisfy every one!

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