August 15, 2006

Marco Island | Why Marco Island

It is hard to explain, but so many of us that live here say they fell in love when they crossed the bridge - just something hits you... There is a great selection of restaurants, there is entertainment (one of the few movie theatres in the country that you can get a glass of wine or beer while watching the movie and eat dinner too!), sunsets daily at the beach, there is the Florida Everglades to explore, and what a great community to walk in the evening! If you own a boat -- the possibilities are endless! People are warm and friendly, but it is when you get to really know them is where you really get to know them. Like all communities there is a small group of people that do a lot of the things for the community, and many of them I am blessed to call my friends.

I came to call Marco Island home in the fall of 2001 and I can tell you it has been a wonderful choice for me. I took several years to make the decision to move and when I did there were some major adjustments. I came from living in Summit NJ and working in Manhattan. I had to give up a lot of things, but in the end I have gained so much. There isn't a nightlife here - they DO roll the streets up around 10pm, you do have to belong to MICA to go to Resident's Beach, and everyone knows everyone. This is really a community of couples and families -- so being single in this community can be tough at times, I will be honest about that (I am single and I speak from experience).

About the time I came here, it was more of a seasonal community - people would come around Thanksgiving and open up their homes and enjoy them for the Thanksgiving holiday and then return after the 1st of the year for SEASON which we locals were only too happy to see Easter Sunday come and the Snow birds go... That was my first year here, and now we see that people are here year round. There is not so much a SEASON as there are seasons... We see people here for their summer vacations, and long weekends.

Right now, Marco Island isn't looking as pretty as we wished, there is a major construction project that has Collier Blvd all torn up, but what has been completed is absolutely beautiful and when completed it will make our Island Paradise look even more wonderful. Come to Marco and find out for yourself!

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