November 3, 2007

Marco Island Real Estate News

Marco law limiting boat anchoring struck down by Collier judge Is this another case of a local government trying regulate for a few at the expense of the majority? State statute supercedes city and county ordinances. Wonder how much this cost the Marco Taxpayers?

Have you ever checked out the Economic Development Council's Website for Collier County? It is full of information as to what is happening in Collier County. Did you know that Collier County's population is going to increase by 35% by 2010? That it is the 7th fastest growing metropolitan area in the country? That is a huge surge in population. Wonder what impact that will have on housing prices? Check out their 2006-2007 Market Facts Report for more information.

How do you feel about Bill Moss getting the Naples City Manager Job? So Bill Moss is leaving his position as City Manager of Marco Island and heading over to Naples. So the Marco News had a poll to see how people feel about this. 41% of those that voted as of this writing think it is a good thing for Marco. See the Results:

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