October 26, 2007

How Marco Island Sellers Can Prevent Making Costly Selling Mistakes

What are the three biggest mistakes Marco Island Real Estate Sellers make?

By not thinking objectively, important time is lost, money can be lost and so much more. To prevent this from happening to you, don’t make the three biggest mistakes when listing your Marco Island home for sale.

When selling your home it should be treated as any other transaction. It should be made without emotional involvement, but many times Marco Island Sellers use their hearts instead of their heads when making such an important decision as listing their home for sale.

Three of biggest mistakes that Marco Island Real Estate Sellers make are:

Selecting an Agent because they agree with your Listing Price or willing to charge you the lowest commission in the Marco Island area.

Just because you think your Marco Island home is worth a certain amount, does not mean you will get it. There are many factors that affect the listing price of your home. When pricing your Marco Island home, you need to take into consideration many factors including:

  • Condition of your Marco Island home
  • Location! Location! Location! Exposure and Location!
  • What the most recent sales were for Marco Island, and your Marco Island Unit.
  • The number of homes for sale, their condition
    The effect of For Sale By Owner Listings in the area
  • Absorption Rate of Marco Island
  • The days on the market that homes sold and that are currently on the market

As for the commission you pay for listing your home, do you really want to work with someone that thinks so little of their service that they will take anything? Successful marketing of your Marco Island home takes a lot of effort. It starts with the listing price.

Do you really believe that you will get the best service by someone who cuts their commission and doesn’t know the Marco Islandmarket?

All Marco Island realtors are the same, just pick one.

You know that is not true. If it were, there wouldn’t be all types of companies out there providing great variety of services. What you need is an experienced Marco Island Realtor who knows their market, has a good marketing plan and a solid plan to get your Marco Island home sold.

Things to look for in a Marco Island Realtor are:

  • An excellent web presence – 80% of buyers start their search via the Internet. You will want a Realtor who can be found by these buyers. How do they rank for Marco Island homes, Marco Island Realtor or Marco Island Real Estate in a Google Search?

  • Explains the importance of staging of your home and preparing it for the greatest appeal to Marco Island Buyers.

  • An organized plan to list and sell your Marco Island home that they can present to you

  • Willing to tell you thing that might be uncomfortable and you don't want to really hear about the Marco Island Real Estate Market.

  • The Realtor’s company is also an important factor – Does the company have a huge presence in your area? How is their reputation?

  • Is someone full of information to help both buyers and sellers

  • Willing to give you a list of references

  • Someone that you feel comfortable with and have confidence that they will do a good job for you.

Do you still believe that all Realtors are the same?

Deciding to list with Friends or Family.

This is not good, not for the agent, buyer or seller. Relationships are torn apart from unrealistic expectations. There are hundreds of stories of listing with a friend or family member and great disappointments. It is best to list with someone that you do not have a relationship with. Your friend or family member can always get a referral fee.

Do you really want to ruin a good relationship over a Real Estate transaction?

Hope that this helps you make the right decisions when deciding to sell your Marco Island home.

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