November 5, 2007

Marco Island Veteran's Park - What's going on?

I just read an editorial from the Naples News - City should manage asset in taxpayers’ best interest. Interesting question brought to light, it has been four years since Marco Island purchased that property from Dale Glon for $10 Million.

The seven acre site was set aside for a park and community space - Veteran's Park. Not development. At the time of purchase the City presented grand ideas for the property. I remember seeing the drawings and thinking that the City really got it right. People clearly want to have the development of Marco Island slowed down. Many are not happy with what is happening. There doesn't seem to be any movement towards building a park. The space has been used as a staging ground for all the road construction on Marco Island.

But wait, there is the density rights that is valued at $2 Million -Marco weighing density rights issue. Here is the core issue!

  • Does the city outright retire those rights?
  • Do they use the ability to transfer those rights to another area of the City? And if so where would they put those rights to?
  • Do allow development to proceed on the Glon property and forgo a park altogether?

Back in August, the Marco News reported in MICA: When do you want to see Veteran's Park Developed that in the MICA's most recent poll that in 2007 79% of those that responded wanted the park developed in less than 5 years. So why would this editorial suggest that the City sell the development rights in those that live in the city clearly want the park developed?

What is the right thing to do for Marco Island? Marco Island City Council should really listen to the public. They want this park, the city of Marco Island is missing a cultural center, and this is the prime opportunity to do it. But will they?

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