July 29, 2007

Marco Island | Wildlife You Might See

Alligators - Florida has one of only two species of alligators left in the world, the American alligator. Today, alligators have recovered from near extinction.

Brown Pelicans - The pelican flock to docks to eat cleaned fillets and even hooked fish - often with deadly results.

Burrowing Owls - These tiny, nine-inch tall birds of prey are underground dwellers. If abandoned holes aren't available, they will excavate their own homes in grassy fields and vacant lots. Unlike most owls, burrowing owls forage for insects, mice, snakes and other pests.

Dolphins - These wonderful creatures can be found swimming all around Marco Island, sometimes you can even see them in the canals of Marco Island.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle - Turtle nesting season is May to the end of October. Five species of endangered turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on Florida beaches.

Manatees - The manatee is the most endangered aquatic mammal in the United States.

Sand Dollars - Hard to believe these are living creatures, but they are.

Stingrays - Stingrays can be seen from time to time along the beaches of Marco Island. Remember do the Stingray Shuffle while in the shallow waters of Marco Island!

Stone Crabs - Stone Crab season runs from October 15th to May 15th. Once a crab is caught, if both claws are legal size, one pulled off and the crab is thrown back in the water.

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