June 15, 2007

Marco Island | Lots on Lots

Marco Island is the gateway to the 10,000 Island of the Florida Everglades. Four miles wide by six miles long, Marco Island is home to about 15,000 year-round residents. During the months of January through March the island population swells to well over 30,000 due to the annual influx of vacationers and winter residents, filling up the large inventory of hotel rooms, condos, villas and apartments.

Since there are no new waterfront communities planned in America and environmental regulations prohibit their creation, it is a reasonable assumption that property values will continue to increase here on Marco Island.

Lots on Marco are categorized in several ways on Marco Island, first we categorize as to Water Access and they are as follows:

  1. Water Direct - having direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. Usually quicker access to the Gulf of Mexico or to the Marco Island river. Usually will accomidate larger and taller boats / yachts.
  2. Water Indirect - having to go under one or more bridges to have access to the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf access is a achieved by a boat traveling under a bridge with around 10 foot at mean tide height. This limits the size an owner can have for a boat due to height. Typically, the longest boating time found on Marco Island will be approximately 30 minute with an average time of about 20 minutes.
  3. Inland - no water access
    1. Pinched - Possible water view if neighbors do not block with vegetation, but no seawall
    2. Golf Course - these lots are higher valued because they back onto either the Island Country Club or Hideaway Beach Golf Course
  4. Gulf - property on the beach, no docking for boats
Secondly we have breakdown as to where they fall on a street/canal:
  1. Corner - these lots are generally 110'x160' and are desirable because you can have a 3-car garage
  2. Mid-street - these lots are generally 80'x110'
  3. Cul-de-sac (which may also have mid-street)
    1. Tip - odd shaped and these are at the very end of a canal
    2. Key - odd shaped and these sit next to a tip lot
  4. Golf Course - the backyard is on the Golf Course

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