January 17, 2007

I want a pool but I don't want to lose my Marco Island Yard!

Are you an avid swimmer and don’t want to give up your entire yard for a pool in your Marco Island home?

Install an Endless Pool!

The Endless Pool is a counter-current swimming and water exercise machine small enough to fit inside a home or outside.

Some facts about Endless Pools:

  • Offers all the benefits of a large swimming pool in a small space.

  • They are low maintenance.

  • Variety of materials and styles.

  • These pools fit in most indoor and outdoor ground-level spaces.

  • Cost is about the same to operate as a hot tub.

  • Endless Pools kit comes complete with everything needed for swimming or exercise

  • The width, length and depth of the swimming pool can be customized to your specific needs. Standard Exterior Dimensions: 8'1" wide x 15'1" long x 42" high (without finishing materials).

  • When the swimming pool is covered, very little humidity escapes into your indoor or outdoor space.

Simple to maintain, economical to run and easy to install indoors our out- you have no good reason not to give the Endless Pool a chance. Cost- $25,000+

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