November 1, 2006

Marco Island | Is This A Good Time To Purchase?

None of us has a crystal ball to tell you what bottom is. So in your process to decide is it time for me to Purchase on Marco Island, here are some things to think about:

  • Real Estate over the long term is a solid investment, between 2000 and 2005 that the Marco Island/Naples market appreciated nearly 150%.
  • Money magazine Forecasts 9.3% Real Estate Appreciation in the Marco Island/Naples area for this year
  • Collier County Economic Council projects population growth of 35.6% in the Marco Island/Naples area from 2004-2010. Population increases, more demand for housing - real estate price appreciation
  • Not everyone bought at the peak prices in 2004 and can sell at a discount from those prices and still make a tidy profit -- that won't always be the case
  • January 1- June 1, 2006 there has been an average of 1.9 closings a day for a 4x6 mile area!
  • Interest Rates are still historically low
  • There is a vast inventory to choose from right now

We have the desirable lifestyle here! People want to be here... don't forget that we have 4 miles of beach with access to all residents, 100's of miles of waterway access to the Gulf, there is a wide selection of golf courses for the avid golfer to choose from. Marco Island has fine dining, luxury hotels and lots to do from shopping to exploring the 10,000 Islands.

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