December 9, 2007

Marco Island Baby Boomers: As Selfish in Near-Death as They Were in Life

Their parents sacrificed during World War II, but then spoiled them rotten. That is how we got the first ME generation.

Dow Jones reports that, even though many Boomers are multi-millionaires, they are leaving little of it to their kids and spending it all on themselves before they die. That is very evident on Marco Island as we see these boomer's start to turn 65 and purchase their dream retirement homes here on Marco Island.

They are well funded and these Boomers are ready to enjoy the good life. So what is a baby boomer to do? Scale back their lifestyle to save money for future generations, or live the good life?

You got it -- they are going after the FLORIDA LIFESTYLE!

Marco Island is the lifestyle that they want to live. Year round perfect weather to enjoy the beaches, golfing, fishing, tennis, great dining, boating and incredible sunsets. Enjoy their days with the all recreational activities they can handle.

And it appears they are all coming here to Marco Island!

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