October 11, 2007

Florida Affordable Mortgage | 100% Loans are Available!

Did I stutter? I do mean it... there are 100% loans available both for purchase and refinance transactions.

No... I am not one of those scumbags trying to lure you into a dangerous loan! If you've read my posts at all, you know I'm definitely not about bad loans for good people.

Here's what I am about... helping people buy the home they want and need... and refinance the loan that is about to start hurting them financially...

These affordable mortgages are FHA and Fannie Mae loans - a.k.a. Government Backed. They are safe loans with only a few options.

Here are the loan features:

  • Full Documentation
  • Seller Concessions
  • Reduced PMI
  • Up to 100% financing
  • 30 or 40 year Fixed Rates
  • and more

So whether you are a first time homebuyer or a homeowner looking to refinance. The option is available to you to get a great rate - usually lower than you'd expect!

Call now to find out what you need to do to get in on one of these loans.

If your ARM's adjustable rate is about to reset, there's no time like the present!

If you are buying a home, there are some great deals out there with all this inventory!

To read more about these programs and more please follow this link:

Florida Mortgage 100% Loans are Available

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