September 11, 2007

Marco Island | One step closer to new Caxambas docks

Marco Island is a popular boating destination, often many use Marco Island as the last stop on the way to the Florida Keys. With its easy access to the Gulf, Caxambas Park on Marco Island is a popular place with boaters and fisherman.

And where there are boats, there are boating accidents. That's why the City of Marco Island and Collier County are joining together to satisfy the needs of both fervent boaters and the rescue personnel who provide assistance when something goes wrong.

The whole project is expected to cost roughly $150,000, city staff said at Tuesday's council meeting, and the city and county are working on a cost-sharing agreement. Milk said the city will probably be responsible for about 20 to 25 percent of the funding.

The project will provide a resource for rescue personnel, and provide the ability to provide services for larger boats and better fishing facilities for fishermen.

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