September 24, 2007

Florida Mortgage | Homeowner Call to ARMs

Remember in 2004-2005 when you bought your present home with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage? Yeah? Well I don't want you to be financially hurting from it soon.

You know it is possible from reading the news and posts that I've written like: Florida Mortgage Adjustable Rate Loans ~ Your current loan is about to change on you

So here is a Call to Action for you!

You need some help! You need that trusted voice to call you and talk to you about what is about to happen in your financial worlds. You need your trusted Real Estate Professional to clue you in on what you might be missing - your ARM adjustment date.

Here's what I propose - Call your Realtor... or just Call Me!!

This call from YOU will help you to prepare for the potential jump in your mortgage payment. You have already built the trust with your Realtor, this will just continue that relationship.

This is when they would you know that there are options and that they have a great Mortgage Broker that they would like to introduce you to in order to help them weigh your options.

There is no time like the present to help yourself. You might not need to change a thing!... but I doubt you want to find out that your new loan payment will be more expensive than you thought or can afford! Or even that you could get a much better rate in a new loan!! Right??

To see the Plan of Action to help you that I prescribe to Realtors, read on at: Florida Mortgage Adjustable Rate Mortgages and Realtors

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