February 14, 2007

Marco Island | Valentine's Day Last Minute Ideas

You didn't do something for your sweetheart for Valentine's day and now you are in a panic. What should you do?

  1. Well first off relax and start by heading to one of the two Walgreen's or to CVS and get yourself the card. The are located at:
    1. Walgreen's on Collier Blvd
    2. Walgreen's on San Marco (also has a great licqour store to pick up a bottle of bubbly)
    3. CVS on the corner of Bald Eagle and Collier Blvd
  2. Now that you have the card, start thinking dinner. This is season, so you might have to improvise to eat out, or at least call a bunch of places and try and get a reservation. Here are a few of the more romantic places to take your special someone tonight:
    1. Verdi's American Bistro - (239) 394-5533
    2. The Old Marco Inn - (239) 394-3131
    3. Cafe DeMarco - (239) 394-6262
    4. Marek's Steakhouse (239) 642-9948
    5. Island Cafe - (239) 394-1542
  3. So eating out isn't your idea of a good time, well there are two things you could do to make the day very special:
    1. Make dinner yourself or create a picnic basket and take your someone special to dinner on the beach!
    2. Or better yet order a picnic basket from The Chef's Express (239) 393-2433 and take your special person to the beach and have a romantic picnic on the beach while watching the sunset.
  4. Places to watch the sunset on Marco Island with your someone special, remember it is against the law to bring glass onto the beach):
    1. Tigertail Beach
    2. Resident's Beach (must be a member)
    3. Hideaway Beach Club (must be a member)
    4. Hilton or Marriott hotels
    5. The Tide Beach Bar is a great place to watch the sunset from their deck and is less expensive than the Hilton or Marriott to do so!
  5. Chocolate! You need chocolate! Well you could purchase it at Walgreen's or CVS if any old chocolate will do, if not there is only one place on the Island to go - (239) 394-5999. They are right across the street from Walgreen's. Everything is hand dipped and absolutely wonderful!
  6. How about an old fashioned date at an Ice Cream Shop. What a retro idea!
    1. The Chocolate Strawberry (239) 394-5999 also has homemade ice cream with seating to eat there
    2. Sweet Annie's (239) 642-3999
    3. Tutti Frutti (239) 642-7779
    4. Cold Stone Creamery in the Esplanade
  7. Take your someone special to the movies and have dinner while you are there! Marco Movies (239) 642-1111, you can make reservations on line. Seating is first come first serve, so I would advise you get there about 40 minutes prior to show time.
  8. Take a sunset cruise on the Marco Princess (239) 642-5415
  9. You need flowers, well you can get flowers at Winne Dixie or Publix, but if you want them to be delivered you are in luck. Living on a small Island you will find that this is possible last minute:
    1. Marco Island Florist (239) 394-8141
    2. Gene's Fifth Avenue Florist (888) 873-9606

These are just a few things to help make your Valentine's Day on Marco Island very special... It is now all up to you! Make it a great day!

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A year later this is still a great post full of information for a great Valentine's Day on Marco Island.